ever since chloe was born i have been meaning to do a family photo shoot.  christian and i have taken family self portraits, and have photos that our friends have taken, but i really want some professional photos to treasure. let this be testament to what a horrible procrastinator i am. finally, almost two years after chloe's birth, i called up my talented friend patricia westfall, and scheduled a shoot. i was sure this shoot was a disaster - chloe acted like a maniac, and threw a few tantrum, christian is always a challenge when it comes to getting photos taken (he may be worse than chloe...), and i know i am not the most photogenic gal out there...
well, that patricia westfall is magical. so sweet. incredibly patient. super talented. she sent me this little sneak peek of our shoot and i am super excited to share them:

 i love how she always captures those candid moments where we are really being our crazy and goofy selves. these photos are so precious and i am so excited to see the rest!

oh yeah! does that bridge look familiar? seen it somewhere before?? patricia westfall had the wonderful idea of taking our family photos at one of the same locations we did our wedding photos (which she also took). i am telling you, she is smart and talented!

i just cannot say enough good things about her - if you are looking for a talented photographer for any occasion, i highly recommend patricia westfall. you can find more of her work here, or on her facebook page.


  1. Beautiful photos! I specially like the last one.


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