i have been trying to steer clear of the mall and most stores lately as i try to save some money, pay off student loan debt, and spend a bit more wisely. it's not always easy. i am one of those girls who likes stuff, pretty stuff. cute little bowls to put stuff in, nail polish, pretty handmade trinkets, old jewelry, and good jeans. i like buying craft stuff, i love love LOVE buying things for chloe. i probably love buying her things more than anything else. luckily i live near to some good thrifts and sometimes a visit yields some good treasures. 

today i grabbed chloe and we hit one of my favorites. i was on the hunt for fabric to make some tanks and simple sun-dresses. i found some great fabric, the most adorable dress and top for chloe, and then decided to let chloe look at the toys. usually i let her pick out tiny "toy" (it's not always a real toy, but something she wants to play with... it could be anything from ribbon to a small ceramic chicken, a book or a bracelet). well today i spotted these breyer horses, and they were just such a good deal that i couldn't pass them up. i remember these from when i was a kid. one of my best friends had a bunch of them and i can remember thinking they were so cool . i still think they are cool... and so did chloe. yay!
the thrift store actually did have cut flowers for sale, and they were beautiful. but, i passed them up as i know i didn't really NEED them. then when we got home my sweet neighbor cut me some peonies from her garden! on hot, humid, grody days these flowers smell intensely like heaven... and they make your entire house smell like it too!


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