just a few photos from my phone taken over the past couple of weeks. if you follow me on instagram then some of these may look familiar. 

christian had a vacation tour and i took last weekend off so we could all be at home together. christian has been spending his days studying for an upcoming exam, so chloe and i spent a lot of time around the house, taking long walks, playing in the yard, and going to the zoo. it was nice to all be off from work, and together at the house. we love having christian at home with us during the day, even if we need to give him some time and space to study, but i think that next vacation we are going to get out of town.


  1. if i can recall correctly, i believe this is a new blog design!? i love it either way! your girl is too cute!

    1. thanks! i made a few little un-changes to the blog-milk design i had been playing with. that kid of mine is pretty fun too - love her.


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