sometimes i sew things, or make things that are inspired by conversations i have, texts i recieve or send, silly things i see or think. one of the most efficient ways to capture these bits is embroidery. if you can draw it or write it, you can embroider it. 

one day christian was at work, and i asked him to pick up a couple things from the store. he texted back:


then i added,

"oh yeah, and some kale too".


"yeah. i need some kale."


to which i answered... (duh)

"if you love me you will bring me kale"

he brought kale home for me. he loves me. the conversation was admittedly a little silly... but it stuck with me, and i decided i would embroider it so i can remember it forever. 

i figured out how to make a tracing of the embroidery and thought i would share it for any of you who would like to make your own. i used plain black dmc embroidery floss as well as a really pretty green hand-died 3-ply floss i picked up a while back, and the lightest pink for the hearts... you can probably find comparable colors at your local craft store, as well as a hoop, and some fabric. you could even use some cute scrap fabric (i used some linen i had leftover from another project).

you can download my kale embroidery guide here.

or, if kale isn't your thing, you could always make your own. just pencil down a drawing, or a quote... anything that makes you happy, and trace it onto your fabric. then make a cup of tea or coffee, snuggle up with a good movie, and stitch away.

i hope you enjoy it and be sure to link back if you decide to post a photo!

happy friday!


  1. hahaha aw this is adorable, i love silly little moments like that. and nice embroidery skills, that looks like a fun hobby :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. hahaa oh my gosh, i love this. i love cute and funny embroidered items, i need to start learning!

    lindsey louise



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