this past week chloe turned two years old. she is no longer a baby-baby, not quite a full-fledged child... no she is now in this fun stage where everyday she is learning something new, saying something new, discovering something she never noticed before. she is jumping on open dishwasher doors after putting her cereal bowl on one of it's racks. she is playing with a whole lot of dirt, and has a keen interest in bugs. she is quite tall, which is surprising since christian and i are on the average and petite end, respectively. she is potty training, learning how to do some simple chores, and now reads books to us. sometimes when she discovers something new, either around the house or outside, she will look at my face, with her huge eyes and say "WOW!". i am in love with her, and i love this age. every year with her has left me excited for what the next will bring, and i think that two is going to be a really amazing year.

we didn't have any huge party for her this year. for her first birthday we threw a pretty big one, so we thought we would keep things low-key this year while still having a special day. we spent the morning and afternoon as a family, and at night a couple of her cousins and a few family members stopped by to wish her a happy birthday. i tried my best to capture the day in photos, some of them taken with my real dslr, some captured with the good old iphone. and here they are, what two looks like if you are chloe simone.

 so turning two kind of looks like getting a cool first doll-house, getting bagels with momma and papa and eating them in rittenhouse square, playing in some dirt, sitting in a new chair, playing with her cousins, getting some fun cards (she loves cards), eating a purple birthday cake (she picked out the icing color herself), and then getting lovely packages with gorgeous pop-up books from her great grandma (as well as some bubblewrap, which she loved popping). yeah, i would say that she is making two look fabulous.

happy birthday chloe simone! i love you more than words can say!


  1. happy birthday Chloe! i wish we were neighbors because I bet she and my Norah would be good friends, playing in the dirt and driving Little People cars together. plus i love that there is a lime in her play area... my kids are always stealing my limes to play with for some strange reason.

    1. i have the feeling that our little ones would get along just great... right now the tube holder for the toilet paper has been placed in her little people house. she claimed it.

      and i think we would make great neighbors!

  2. Happy birthday to chloe!!! Little girls at the age of two are amazing, they learn so fast... Despite when they're in their "terrible two" moments...

    1. Thank-you! So far two has been a whole lot of fun... even with the tantrums.


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