tomorrow is chloe's second birthday. i am excited. excited about her turning two. excited about all the fun we are going to have together. excited to see her becoming such a big girl. and yeah, i am excited to give her some fun gifts and watch her play. this past winter i found a vintage fisher-price a-frame house on ebay and grabbed it for a good price. i wanted to give it to her at christmas, but when christian and i were wrapping her gifts we realized it might be a bit too much - so i have been hoarding it away to give to her for her birthday. i washed it up this afternoon, wrapped it, and now i am giddy with excitement - like a kid on christmas eve. 

while i am preparing for her birthday i thought i would share with you some adorable goodies i have in my etsy favorites... i hope to instill in chloe an appreciation for handmade, vintage,  and good quality (not saying she doesn't have a few my little ponies and a bit of toy story stuff around here!). i think this little list covers all those things.

1. april showers dress from cauliflowerkids : adorable and totally appropriate for dressing up or playing at the park.

2. vintage piggy bank from robotrescue : an adorable way to teach her how to start saving, early.

3. vintage straw hat from oursweethome : she would go crazy for a cowboy hat just like "sherrif woody's".

4. modeling beeswax blocks by twinkleofmyeye : these colorful beeswax blocks are moldable, smell good, and don't dry out.

5. wooden blocks from asummerafternoon : these blocks are so pretty, i would totally let them "live" in the livingroom (very few toys are allowed to live there!) 

6. 1960s denim duck overalls from salvagehouse : once summer hits chloe lives in overalls. i am always grabbing pairs at the thrift store and these are just too adorable!

7. fisher price little people farmhouse from thepantages : last but not least, this farmhouse is classic fun, and built to last. i can remember playing with little people toys when i was a little one, and since they are made so well they are sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

i cannot believe my baby is turning two! 


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