these are more amazing images caught by the ever-talented patricia westfall. after spending some time at the park we drove back to our house to get a few pictures of us at home. we live kind of close to a particular donut shop, and the fluorescent light outside of it that indicates the donuts are fresh and still hot was on - so christian needed to stop. we grabbed a dozen and headed home. we don't buy donuts very often (way less than you would expect for people who live down the street from a donut shop!), but chloe knew that the box contained a treat, and was very happy to enjoy one and run around the house in a sugar-crazed state while trish snapped photos.

i had made shortcake earlier that day and got busy cutting strawberries and whipping up cream to top it. of course chloe wanted to help, and christian even joined in. afterwards we turned on some music and chloe had a little dance party, followed by some pre-bedtime books to help her wind down.

a typical night at home caught in photos for us to remember forever.

thank you again trish. these photos fill me to the brim with such happiness and gratitude for this family of mine and our little home. 

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  1. There's nothing like black and white photos to capture the simple moments with such beauty. Thanks for sharing!



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