we count ourselves pretty lucky to live so close to many parks and playgrounds. i recently counted and discovered i could easily take chloe to a different park every day of the week. many of these parks have a playground, which chloe loves. the swings and slide are her favorites. she doesn't need swings or slides to have momentum though. if there is no playground at the park she makes her own fun.

dirt. mud. sand. rocks. water. she will play with them all. she runs up and down hills, i watch from the bottom, inhaling her giggles, soaking up the sounds of her feet as they plop on the ground one after the other. she stops at the bottom only to hug me quickly and run back up. over and over again. she hugs me ritualistically. i am aware that part of her affection is ritual. she hugs me after she runs down the hill, because she needs to in order to run back up the hill.

she also needs to walk close to the edge of the side of the creek. she needs to throw rocks, shower herself in dirt. when the cherry blossom petals fall, she must pick them up and shower herself with them. every time she throws them into the air she exclaims "whoooooo!". every single time, "whoooo!"

christian and i stood in this park one october morning together with trish. trish didn't know i was pregnant. i was the bride. christian and i don't have many photographs of ourselves together, other than our wedding photos. our wedding photos are in a way, our first family photos.  when i look at them i remember christian making jokes and funny faces which made me laugh that morning. in some most of photos i am totally "ugly-laughing". the type of real laugh where i am really not faking it. he really did something funny, and i am trying not to pee my pants - i am laughing just that hard. the images are honest. we were so thankful to have trish there to capture those real moments where we are being us together on the day we made ourselves a family. they are my favorite photos. 

this spring, when i decided that family photos were long overdue, i knew that i wanted trish to take them. again, she captured the three of us at the park and in our home. the same park she photographed us at on our wedding day. thank you trish, for capturing us in the ways that i hope i will remember us forever. you captured little glimpses of our ordinary life, and through your remarkable talent and care made them into extraordinary treasures. i plan to soak up these images over and over again, to show them to chloe over and over as she grows up, and then to my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. you are amazing.


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