her last photo as a one year old. tomorrow she becomes a two year old. this afternoon her papa was giving her piggy back rides around the house, her in her diaper, laughing. it was amazing to watch. the past two years have been amazing to watch... seeing a person go from being completely dependent, to very independent; seeing her go from less than six pounds, to almost thirty pounds; watching her learn to walk, talk, and learn so many new things every day. hearing her say "i'm cool", "let's go", and "CHOO CHOO!" so many times everyday... i could do it every day over and over again with her and never get tired of it. 

when she was born she would yawn, and at the end of her little tiny, under six pound newborn yawn, she wound close her eyes tight, throw back her head a bit, and then make a "O" with her little lips. as if she was howling at the moon. as if that yawn was just so satisfying. yes, it felt good! christian and i would watch for it at the end of every yawn. we would smile and laugh at it. we would wait for it. we kept telling each other we needed to get it on film, take a photo of it... we knew she would get bigger - that she was getting bigger, and her "howling" days would soon be over. "O" lips wouldn't last.

one day we realized she didn't do it anymore. we never got to take a photo of it. we never got it on video. instead it is engrained in our minds and we sit around reminding each other of just how adorable it was. just how sweet those little newborn lips where. how tiny she was. we were in love. we still are in love. we want to remember every little bit of her. enjoy every minute. every tiny little thing she does. 

one day she will grow up and probably claim we don't know her. say that we don't understand her. that we have no idea who she is. she will have no idea just how well we do know her. how much we have eaten up every little move she makes, cherished every milestone. oh, how much we adore her!

and then there will come a day when she will realize it, kind of.

but tomorrow she is two. seven hundred and thirty days old. these have been the best days of our lives, and we plan on enjoying every day we have with her.

oh my chloe simone. you are my favorite lady.


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