you know the mom at the pool whose child is wearing a pull-up diaper? not the swimming diaper. no, the pull-up training pants. the mom who forgot to get a swimsuit for her child, and then summer just kind of happened out of nowhere and now her kid wants to go into the pool, but she doesn't have a swimsuit? i have been that mom. 

the first year it was okay, because chloe was only a few months old. yes, a swimsuit would have looked cute, but it just wasn't the very first thing on my priority list of things to buy my newborn.... which is surprising to me, because what new mom doesn't get all types of excited over newborn swimwear, right? the second year it was a little less excusable. chloe was walking and ready to go outside and play. letting her play in buckets of water in the yard wearing a diaper was cute.. the first couple times. i did finally buy her a swimsuit or two, but it took a while to find the right ones, especially since they get bought up and picked over so early in the season.

but not this year. this year we are ready. chloe has two t-shirts, hardly any summer clothing otherwise. but she does have a bathing suit. i am a little picky when it comes to swimwear - for me and for her, so it takes me a little time to find what i want.. and then when i find it i look around for something maybe a little better. 

well this year i saw this one, and decided it would be the suit. i purchased it and it came in the mail yesterday. of course i needed to try it on her, to make sure it fit, and that it was just as cute on. well, it was even cuter on. 

so i told chloe, who was wearing her suit over her jeans and shirt, all about swimming. how when it gets hot out we will go in a pool and swim like fish. and then i decided that the conversation was silly on such a cold day (it was hardly even 55 F around these parts yesterday), but that we should have a pineapple freezer pop anyway. 

the pineapple freezer pop might just be my favorite one. i hate the grape and the lime. i think this is probably because they were the ones left when everyone had already eaten the cherry, strawberry, and orange. the grape tastes like children's tylenol tablets, and the lime tastes just bleh. if you are stuck with rainbow pops you go for the red, orange, and pink first, unless there is pineapple! when there is pineapple you tell your siblings that it is lemon, and it is sour... and you tell them you will let them have the red one, and you eat the yellow "lemon" one yourself, all while making a sour face.... and laughing inside!

unless you have the red, white, and blue rocket pops. then you just hide those suckers and eat them secretly in closet. 

oh yeah, and remember that time i made chloe homemade play-doh, and she was all like "yeah, that's great mama... this stuff creeps me out. let's go do something fun!"? well, it turns out she has decided that she actually likes play-doh. and so does her papa.

oh yeah, here is a link to the post where i give the recipe to make play-doh! (by the way, this is the play-doh from january! it kept really well in a glass jar on the fridge!)


  1. Tooooo cute! By the way, red/white/blue rocket pops.. the bomb!




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