SUNDAY, although it is monday...

sometimes when i have worked over the weekend, the following monday feels a whole lot like a sunday. the type of sundays i had when i was a kid, but without church (so maybe like the sundays of the kids i knew who didn't go to church?). i sleep the morning away, wake up and go out to trader joe's with christian and chloe. take a little walk to the produce store to buy kale and make green juice. i make a cake. chloe and i wore dresses, which for some reasons feels very "sunday" to me. 

it was chilly today, but spring-time chilly. you could wear a coat, you could not wear a coat. long-sleeves, short-sleeves, you'll be fine either way. my tulips were blooming.. and on the way home from our little walk, to retrieve some kale for healthy juicing, i began to think of delicious lemon poppyseed cake. making a cake seems like another "sunday" thing to do, right?

chloe hasn't been feeling well the past few days. at first i thought it was teeth, and now it seems she most likely has a cold. she is old enough now to be annoyed with "boogies", and irritated by a runny nose. she has never been sick much, so it is weird for her to be like this. she is just a tiny bit more cuddly. i know parents who talk about the sick-baby cuddles they get from their kids when they are sick, but chloe is not very interested in slowing down. she had had trouble sleeping as well... maybe teeth and a cold? poor kid.

i tried to get her to help me with the cake, but she was not very interested. she found a stash of solo cups and made some towers in the kitchen instead. 

when i bake bundt cakes there are two options for me: use the new non-stick pan, or use the old faithful pan that my husband swears by, the pan he uses to make his amazing jewish apple cake, the pan he stole from his mothers house when we bought our own. it doesn't leave the cake with a pretty imprint or shape, it doesn't look cute, but it works. i used it today... i am thinking of getting rid of the new pan as this one is probably the only bundt pan we will ever need. do you need a newer bundt pan?

 at some point while making this cake i heard about the horrible news of the bombing of the boston marathon. i found out about it through instragram of all places. i looked it up on my computer in the kitchen. chloe stacking her solo cups beneath me, the mixer still going. i began to cry. sometimes i just cannot make sense of the world around me. of how or why people think of, and do such hateful things... and i feel that there is such horrible darkness lives inside of some... and then you see the rescue workers, the guards, the police officers, the fire fighters... you think of the nurses and doctors, and the people who aren't afraid to step-in... and i hope that somehow the good outweighs the bad. that the light shines brighter than the darkness. that there is hope.

i pulled myself together and hugged chloe and christian. i cleaned out the empty poppy seed jar and placed a tiny cheetah that was sitting on the sideboard inside of it. i gave it to chloe. she thought the cups were more interesting. i showed it to christian. we both agreed that as children we would have thought this was awesome. she doesn't get it yet.

i made a pot of coffee. i would have been content to eat cake for dinner. it seemed like a fitting thing to do. however, christian went out and bought us burgers. i have no complaints about this.

we all ate, enjoyed a little cake, and watched some sesame street music videos on you tube. i gave chloe a bath and drank my coffee while sitting beside the tub... happy bits of bath-water being splashed on my skirt, on my face, making their way into my coffee.

recipe for poppy seed lemon cake, from smitten kitchen, here. i only added a glaze, made from lemon juice and powdered sugar. if i were to do it again i would make a sour cream icing and put handfuls of blueberries in the center of the cake to serve on the side.

i know that i only briefly mentioned the horrible tradjedy in boston in this post, but it is on my mind. hug your children, your friends, your spouses, your loves ones, your families... and consider how you might help those around you.


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