okay, so last week was a rough blog week.


some weeks are like that. i got tired, chloe didn't nap well, i was working on projects for from lebo with love (my shop got a new name and look!), and i just didn't have any blogging focus or inspiration.

sometimes that happens, right?

to make up for it, i decided that this week i would give my readers something special. something useful, rather than just my regular ramblings and flood of chloe photos (although i cannot promise there won't be a little rambling, and can promise that there will surely, always be chloe photos). i want to dedicate a week to posting about something that i love, something inspirational, something practical, something relevent. so of course i thought : spring cleaning.

yes, cleaning.

i love giving my home a good cleaning once the weather starts warming up. i love dusting, scrubbing, rearranging... finding stuff i forgot existed. donating stuff that should have never existed, or have been bought, to my scrap basket and the local thrift shop. organzing the cabinet under the bathroom and kitchen sink.... i love all that.

i love good cleaning supplies.

i love cleaning while listening to music - loudly, and wearing my comfiest cleaning clothes.

i have said before how scrubbing a floor is better than therapy, well putting aside some quality time and getting some real cleaning done... it makes me feel like a new woman.

i love clean smell, spotless windows, dustless floors, greaseless tops of cupboards in kitchens... a girl can dream, right?
dream with me friends! this week i am going to share these things with you. share photos, secrets, tips and tricks, and my favorite cleaning things... including how to clean with a toddler.

i would love to hear any good clean secrets that you have as well!


  1. I love meyers cleaning products! xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. be sure to enter into our lovely giveaway courtesy of Honey Press! http://www.lynnandlou.com/2013/03/the-honey-press.html

  2. The shop looks great- I love the bowtie! There is something SO refreshing about a newly clean home. It feels like a fresh start.

    Some Snapshots Blog


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