SPRING CLEANING: getting yourself ready

i am not the best housekeeper as far as keeping things clean, it does take some motivating to get me ready and in the mood to do some tough cleaning. i find that making a pot of coffee, lighting a scented candle, and pulling my hair up usually helps me feel more ready to tackle a mess. i have a little collection of pretty scarfs that i sometimes use to pull my hair up and made a short tutorial to show you how i pull my hair up in a scarf 1960-ish style.

this style need not be restricted to just when cleaning your messy house. i think it could work with a pair of jeans and a tee, or even be dressed up and worn out.

i posted the above photo of me with my hair all wrapped up yesterday on instagram and got an interesting comment that made me laugh a bit. i am going to be honest: i am not a very good "housewife" by any stretch of the imagination. i do like keeping my house clean, and keeping it clean gives me a sense of accomplishment, and makes me feel organized. it gives me a clearer head. having a tidy space is important to me, and i have a hard time functioning when i feel it is a mess (sometimes i wish this was not the truth as i would most likely be more productive if i didn't spend time cleaning). but, i have a lot of help around here keeping the house clean. my husband and i work as a team and we share almost all the chores (he probably takes the trash out more than i do). we both work outside the home, and we do not have a babysitter (other the rare occassion we go out on a date without chloe). so when i am at work he is here, caring for chloe, doing the wash, keeping the house clean. i don't think he enjoys it as much as i do, and he is able to function a whole lot better than i am with the house being a bit more "lived in". he also doesn't wear a scarf in his hair when he cleans, but he does a great job of keeping the house and watching our little one. he is a good man, good father, and i couldn't ask for anyone better... and i have the feeling he might like me too.

all this to say - there is no shame in wrapping your hair up in a scarf and vacuuming the floor, whether you be man or woman.

right hun?


  1. hm, i thought I had left a comment on this post but I guess I didn't. I LOVED your hair video. totally adorable. and I kind of have an opposite routine: I use a pot of coffee and a scented candle as a reward when the cleaning is all done. though now that neither one of my kids naps regularly, it's hard to find time for those big cleaning sessions. it's usually just little tasks here and there. it's so much less satisfying.

    1. thanks for your feedback! chloe takes a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon which is my time to clean, blog, and sew. it is sweet!

      i grew up as one of eight kids, and i don't know how my mom ever got anything done with all of us running around... having one kid is easy, and having a few kids is tough, but then after you have four it just doesn't matter how many more you have, right? :)


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