SPRING CLEANING: floors and rugs

now that your windows, and surfaces are clean and dust free, and your hair is tied up in a scarf, you can clean your floors. i learned the windows and then the floors tip from watching Annie when i was a kid... so that way if you drip...

anyway, cleaning floors is one of those things that i can do a bit of while chloe is up and running around, and she loves to help and play with me while i do this. i will sweep usually while she is eating breakfast or lunch, and finish up with sweeping under her high chair before i get her down from the table. i have hardwood laminate floors and i like to dry mop them. i have used a couple different things on them, but i have found that i really like bona floor products. it turns out they are pet and child friendly and biodegradable as well, which makes me even happier. 

so i fold up my rug in the living room and get started. i have this little microfiber mop head thing that i put over my swiffer. i love using my swiffer for quick fixes, and i will get into that later, however i hate having a bunch of different mops and brooms. so this little orange microfiber noodle thing is entertaining to chloe, easy, quick, and cheap to use, plus is saves me getting another mop to store in my one small coat closet.

i have an old kilim rug in my living room that i got for a steal off ebay a couple years ago. i love this thing, but it is old, and i have such anxiety over being too rough when cleaning it. i am sure it has been around for a while, and was probably at one point drug outside to be beaten with a broom, but i try to be gentle with it. 

there are a few ways to clean these old rugs: for everyday cleaning i use my vacuum taking care with the edges. for a good cleaning, you can get these cleaned by a good dry cleaner, and i recommend that if you buy one second hand - at least when you first get it. you can also clean it yourself, but this is a big chore: you take the rug outside and put a tarp under it, then clean it with a mild detergent of your choice, diluted with water (wool-lite or some other gentle laundry detergent would work). gently scrub the rug with a brush, and then spray it off a few times with a hose. turn the rug over and spray it again. spray the sucker until all the suds are gone. then let the rug dry. it is probably best to do this early in the morning on a sunny day. if you have somewhere you can hang your rug it will dry quicker.

when i vacuum chloe likes me to chase her with the vacuum. she is not scared of it, but she is at that stage where she loves to tease and be chased. it is pretty cute, if i do say so myself. she also has a very strange fascination with the vacuum - and she is not the first toddler i have noticed who is fascinated with vacs. what is it about dogs, kids, and vacuums?

onto kitchen and bathroom floors... i almost feel like scrubbing kitchen floors deserves it's own post. i do not even attempt to do this while chloe is awake, and this is usually done when my husband is not around either. i made the mistake of trying to do this with chloe around once and it was a mess. she found out she could slip and slide on the wet floors and broke out her best moves. i wound up soaked, with a soaked toddler who eventually slipped unintentionally, and landed unintentionally, flat on her back, and a floor smeared with our footprints. no good.

so, i do this one solo. this chore is one that i take my time with. i like to scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors with a scrub brush and wipe it clean with damp cloths. i love using mrs. meyers all purpose cleaning supplies, because they smell amazing. really, the new radish smell is just so delightful, even if my husband says radishes just smell like dirt - this smells great. i love cleaning with these products, and even as a cheap-skate cleaning supply buyer, i feel they are splurge-worthy. i dilute them in a bucket, turn on some NPR, or an audiobook, and scrub away. after a long day, especially on those days where you feel you haven't gotten anywhere, this makes it all feel better. it feels therapeutic as heck. of all the chores around the house, this is my favorite. 

now, i don't always get to do this, and my kitchen is a high traffic area, so i do have a swiffer that i refill myself with a little mrs. meyers and water, and sometimes i have the disposable absorbent pad things sometimes, but when i don't, i use an old dish-cloth (as long as it is pretty "loopy" it will stick to the velcro bottom of the swiffer). i don't really feel that this gets the floor clean, but it works for little spills until i can scrub.

i have carpets in my house, but they aren't too fun to talk about. i vacuum them. i have told you about how i spot clean them here. i am not the biggest fan of wall-to-wall. it reminds me of bad apartments and it never feels fresh to me, but it is good for babies who are crawling and learning to walk. it seems that even with area rugs they always seem to fall on the hardwood rather than on the rug.

so now that i have cleaned my windows, bathrooms, kitchen, rugs, and floors... i think it is on to some serious cleaning and purging of the wardrobes around here, what do ya say? i have noticed that many people seem to be doing this during this time of the year, what about you?


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