SPRING CLEANING: but let's get real here.

my room is a mess.

well, our room. 

it is the room we always forget to dust. it is the room where we throw our clothing, contents of our pockets, and receipts on the floor. there is always black sock link all over the carpet (my husband only wears one certain brand of black socks which are always lint-y). it is a rare occasion our bed is made every day. yeah, that is a trash can, solo cup, and coffee cup on my dresser. chloe brings toys, clothes, blankets, crayons and all else in here. we have a bad habit of "hiding" things under the bed. chloe's easter basket is up on christian's dresser. there is a kettlebell in the closet. you can see the floor here only sometimes, and the top shelf of my closet is packed with boxes of which i know not the contents.

in other words, sometimes it doesn't always get done. home is where we live, and while i love it being clean, it is also where chloe plays, where i sew, where we rest, and where we enjoy one another. on the night that i took these photos we had spent the morning at the zoo, the afternoon napping and watching vikings (i am loving this show more and more), and then we took a walk and got some ice cream together. i didn't get much cleaning done at all. i think i put away the laundry. there are days like this. they are wonderful.

but, i am a little bit of a neat freak. i have a hard time focusing on other stuff when i feel that things aren't put away, or if there are dishes in the sink to be done. i would love to have a clean house all the time.  but, i am finding out, especially with a toddler, this just isn't always practical. 

some days i just try to make sure all the toys go down to the basement/family room, and wipe the counters. some days i set a timer for ten minutes and try to get done whatever i can. some days as i am walking out the door to go to work, only minutes after christian has arrived home from working, i just ask him to put the dishes in the dish-washer. i enjoy taking care of our house and the memories we are making in it... while i wish i could say that the time we spend together trumps living in a messy home, i think they kind of go hand-in-hand. having a clear floor space for chloe to run around, having a clean-ish kitchen to make family meals in, having clean sheets to sleep on, just make life all the sweeter for us as a family.

so, here is just a little bit of my mess for you to see. proof that i don't get all the crap done i would like to, and it's okay.



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