the husband and i sat at the dining room table. the contemporary. no, the polynesian! the floridian? which one has the monorail? we need the monorail. why do we need the monorail? okay, we need the monorail. meal plan? yes. which one? three nights, or four? yes, we were planning our first disney family vacation. our very first vacation as a family. our first plane ride together as a couple, but with a baby as well. really, a toddler, who would be two, and have her own seat... yes, we would have a toddler, old enough to require her own plane seat. meaning, we have been together a long time... and have hardly ever gone on a vacation. we have been promising ourselves we would take one sooner than later.

and we sat there, giddy with excitement. i pulled my credit card out of my purse and started to punch the numbers in...

"or we could just throw all this money on your student debt...."

i pounded my head on the table. looked at my laptop screen, x-ed out the little window that summarized our four day "dream vacation"... i felt like crying. i might have ever let a tear sneak it's way out when christian wasn't looking. i felt childish crying over not going to disney world, but i couldn't help it. being an adult sucks sometimes.

this all took place a couple months ago. i have been dying to take chloe to disney, to take a vacation as a family, to just get away with christian. the whole idea of taking off together, even for just a few days just seems so... romantic to me. even if it is disney.

you don't need to even start telling me that chloe won't remember disney yet. i know chloe won't remember it. but i would. i would eat up every giggle, all of her excitement, all of her wonder, her big juicy eyeballs that would glisten when seeing "mick-me" for the first time... you haven't seen anything until you have seen her eyes glisten. it is a sight to behold. i know she wouldn't remember a minute of it, and i am fine with that. there would be photos for her to look at when she gets older. i wanted to enjoy taking her there. i wanted us to enjoy taking her there together.

but sometimes you need to be a grown-up, and refinance your house, and pay off your student debt so that you don't need to work as much outside the house when you have another baby... and no i am not pregnant, but maybe sometime soon. and a couple thousand dollars less of student debt is significant right now.

so, i have been playing thrifty/poor/cheap. which means that every penny unspoken for after paying bills, goes right to paying off those student loans. i haven't been shopping for clothes or shoes, i've been selling stuff that i have hardly or never worn that is just taking up space in my closet, even some of the fancy stuff that i love, but never use.  i have been making due with stuff i have around my house - painting stuff, repairing things,  rearranging. i have stopped buying coffee from coffee shops, and we have been eating outside the home much less. i have started to make chloe's summer clothing, and she seems to like it. i have even trimmed my own hair instead of going to the salon. all these changes have worked out well, and have even been a bit fun.

this is not to say that i haven't bought anything extraneous - i have justified a couple pairs for chloe, as well as a few t-shirts (because i hate home-sewn tees). i already have christian's father's day gift in my amazon cart, and chloe's birthday gifts bought, and i am completely splurging on some family photos this spring. i just have just started to think more about what i buy, and if we don't need it to survive, then i don't buy it. it is surprising just how much money gets spent on stuff that i really don't need that is not going to be used.  i want to fill our home and lives with stuff that is going to be used, and will last, but more importantly, with a whole lot of precious time spent together with each other.

so, disney will wait. it has been magical for many years, and i am sure it will be magical once my debt is gone. however, more importantly, once my debt is paid off i will feel good about it, and not need to worry about paying some pretty big payments every month.... which could mean more time at home with my family... which is what i really want, more than anything. yeah, i have turned into a lame old grown-up who just wants to be debt free, play with her babies, and cuddle with her husband.

and it doesn't feel bad at all.

here is a website that has been really helpful/inspiring to me as i am paying off debt and learning to save:  and then we saved

have you ever done a spending fast? do you have any tips or tricks to share? i would gladly take any you have to offer!


  1. We are finally taking our 1st ever family vacation to PR. I've been trying for 3 years. We have have medical bill coming out the vazoo (Isabels accident) that need to get paid but lani graduates from college next year and I've been the most tired ever. So we are going. You'r Disney will come.

    1. that sounds absolutely amazing! i am excited for you and glad you are all getting to go - sometimes you just need to go. we are probably going to need to wait on disney, but we are hoping to save up some money for a little (cabin) camping vacation later this summer... i hope you have a great vacation!


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