so last night we watched "the hobbit". this was our third attempt. the first two ended with christian falling asleep, and me unable to watch such greatness alone, deciding that we both should just call it a night and go to bed.  we used to be able to stay up together; until two or three in the morning, watching movies, making cookies, talking and being young (er). it seems that something happened once we had a child. although we have been aging the entire time, but aren't necessarily that old, if we snuggle up on the sofa to watch a movie once chloe has been put to bed and is resting soundly, one of us is bound to fall asleep, and the other will usually decide that it's not such a bad idea to follow suit.

i sometimes knit while i am watching a movie, just to keep myself moving in order to stay awake. when i was in school i developed the ability to knit while reading. yes, to keep myself awake and prevent myself from getting too bored - it worked.

but sometimes you don't want to knit while watching a movie, you just want to snuggle.. and if your movie has a little bit of a slower start (a-hem! hobbit!?), then you may just find yourself and your someone special deciding to turn in for the night rather than spend time watching a film together. 

sometimes i feel that this is just a big joke on my childhood self. during my early elementary school years i sat up in my bed, wondering what the adults were doing after us children we up in our rooms. imagining the snacks they were enjoying without us, the secret hidden snacks i am sure they had stashed away somewhere (ha, i knew about them even then!)... i was sure they were playing board games they would rather not play with us (no, seriously, i really did believe there were board games that my parents played without us!). i imagined a whole "after hours" life that my parents had, one that didn't include us children who they had put to sleep and surely immediately forgot about. i bet they watched PG-13 movies when we went to bed. PG-13 movies with words at the bottom of the screen. those crazy grown-ups, with their late nights.

and now that i am a grown-up (kind of), i see what this after-hours life really is. it is the little bit of time you have before it all starts again tomorrow. you try to keep yourself up to enjoy it, to get a bit of work done, to fold the laundry without threat of it being dumped as soon as you got it in the basket, because your toddler is convinced that basket is her rocket-ship. how dare you fill her rocket-ship with clothes! sometimes you do stay up late, real late. you make a pot of coffee, you do your homework if you are one of those parents who has decided to go back to school and needs to do their homework at night. or, if you are me you do your sewing and write for your blog. you stay up until two or three in the morning, and know you are going to pay for it the following day...

but last night we did watch the hobbit, and man, it was pretty good. i love the idea of adventure, of going out and experiencing the unexpected. of discovering something new. of something unplanned happening. and as i snuggled there on the sofa with christian i began to think of how adventurous our life is. 

if i were to rank our life on adventurous from zero to ten, zero being "Max and Ruby" (don't get me wrong, i love M&R, but it's probably the least adventurous children's show i have ever seen), and ten being "Die Hard", i would probably put us at about a five-ish. we have some pretty predictable routines, but sometimes some crazy things do happen around here. christian and i do both have jobs that can be a little eventful and hectic at times, and although neither one of us would ever call ourselves adrenaline junkies, we need to admit that both of our careers are ones which attract that type of folk. but us? we are pretty low-key, we fly under the radar, we hardly ever encounter too much adventure apart from the occasional finding of a new park to play in, or a new frozen yogurt parlor to frequent.

however, the thing about adventure, i realized while watching the hobbit, is that the story gets good when unfortunate events occur, and the characters all pull together to overcome whatever chaos they have encountered... and i started to think of our life, and how perhaps adventure in our own story takes place when events which we do not anticipate or are prepared for take place. maybe that deep love for each other and those strong friendships come from being forced to bond together. by fighting along side these people who you hardly know, or by placing yourself on the line for your friends, or by coming to the aid of someone who you may not be all that endeared to currently.  perhaps that is the secret to adventuring, as opposed to just experiencing catastrophe. maybe these relationships that are forged, strengthened, or even dismantled if need be, are what makes all these untoward events into something extraordinary.  i am not wishing unplanned events on us, don't get me wrong. i am happy to be safe, and have a quite predictable life at this point in our lives... i am content for this quiet spot in our story right now... this part of our story which includes turning in at nine o'clock together.

i know it won't last forever.


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