mother's day will be here sooner than you think it will (it's may 12th!). this holiday always creeps up on me - i always mean to do something more, find a pretty card before they are all picked over, or order the perfect one in advance, find the perfect little gift, plan the perfect treat. somehow i am always scouring the left-behind cards at hall-mark, that hardly resemble how i feel about my mom, and picking up some flowers or a plant at the local grocery store. my mom always loves these gifts, just like she always has loved all of the gifts me and my siblings have found, made, or bought her each year. today though, i cringe at all the "mom" or "mother" necklaces that we gave her that were completely not her style (but that she wore anyway!).

before i became a mom i made christian promise to never let me wear one of those necklaces ... but, now that i am a mom i would wear them everyday with pride... a whole slew of them all at once. i wouldn't mind it one bit.

i put together a little list of some gift ideas for a mom like me, who loves vintage, handmade goods, and little luxuries that are still practical enough for everyday.

1. dark rum scented candle by malin & goetz candle : would be an instant pick-me-up on those days when i feel frazzled and have no time for a drink.

2. gorgeous wood hair comb from the ancient muse : to dress up any outfit and make me feel instantly put together and pretty.

3. mama ring by bueno bueno : a great alternative to the "mom necklace", that i would wear everyday (it's a custom ring, so you can get it made to say whatever you call your mom!)

4. pretty vintage le creuset pot from judeslore: because any vintage le creuset in a bright color is always welcome in my kitchen.

5. vintage levis from 86vintage86 : to make me feel classic cool while running after chloe at the park, and to turn into cut-offs once the really hot weather hits.

6. miniature banana tree : to add a bit of freshness (and fun) to my living room.

what is the best mother's day gift you ever gave? or received?


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