so, a while back i did one of those posts where i shared five facts about myself (you can read it here). this is one of those good old classic blogging moves that were very popular back when i first had a blog... way back when i was about sixteen years old, and in the glory days of myspace this was also super popular. which is to say, this is not a new idea, but it is still entertaining and fun to do from time to time. i was recently tagged on instagram by an instagram friend, jackycosta, to share five things about chloe. while i love to participate, i just write too much when i write for these things to not be completely obnoxious on instagram.... which is, more obnoxious than usual (because most days i really do feel completely obnoxious for posting more than two photos, but eh, i guess if you don't want to see my photos you don't follow, right?). well, anyway, instead of being a good grammer and sharing through my instagram feed, here is a whole blog post dedicated to five things about chloe:

1 - when i was pregnant with chloe i always felt as though she was scratching the walls of my insides, from inside. it felt like there were little fingers curling and uncurling, repeatedly, scratching to get out, ever so gently. i used to hold up my hands and make this motion with my fingers to show people what it felt like. about a month after she was born and lying in her bassinet one morning, she got her little hands free from her swaddle and started scratching the sides of her bassinet! a little baby wolverine! that is what it sounded like. i peeked in her bassinet to see she was still asleep and gently scratching the sides of her bassinet, just as i imagined she had been while inside of my belly.

2 - she collects stuff, any stuff she can find around the house: food, magnets, socks, toys, receipts, notes, anything, and puts all her findings in shopping bags that she steals from the coat closet. i am constantly finding these bags full of her collected items around the house, and if i am looking for something that is missing, these bags are the first place i look.

3 - chloe loves to go outside, and if she even hears you mention the word "outside", she will throw her yellow rain-boots on, grab a toy, and run for the door. if you are not ready, she will impatiently stand by the door and pull you over to it, repeatedly, until you take her out. she loves going out for walks and playing in the yard and driveway.

4 - chloe's favorite toy is her toy story "woody" doll. she has had him for more than half her life as of now. he is a little dingy, missing a finger, and has teeth marks on his nose. she adores this doll. he is the first toy she looks for in the morning, the toy she will choose to take along on walks, and the toy that every other toy plays with. her favorite.

5 - chloe loves books. we read books a whole lot during the day. they are a great tantrum deterrent, if you can get her to them quick enough, and when we read to her she will quickly focus and become calm. i recently started reading her a chapter book before i put her to bed. this is a special book that we only read before bed. i pull it off the high shelf in her room and i read her a chapter before tucking her in. i am not sure how much of the story she understands, but she seems to enjoy this all the same. i am sure she will enjoy it more as time goes on. i always want her to be surrounded by, and to love books.

there is so much more than makes chloe herself. it was hard to pick out five things. any of you mama's out there who want to share five things about your kiddos, please take this as your invitation to do so. if you instagram, feel free to tag me (my profile name is "sherhymeswithcrazy"). 

p.s. - thank you so much for the kind words in response to our sick day post earlier this week. chloe is feeling much better and starting to act like her regular little self. it is hard to see your little one's sick and feel that there is not much you can do to make them better. it is great to have her up and running around again!


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