i should be working out. i should make my bed, even though it is after nine o'clock at night. i should empty the dishwasher and put away all the dishes and refill the dishwasher with all the dishes in the sink. i should go to bed at a decent time... sometime before one o'clock in the morning. i should have made a healthy supper, instead of feeding myself and chloe store-bought cake (nope, i didn't even bother baking a cake). i shouldn't ignore the laundry that is sitting in the dryer to be folded.

but what is going to happen if i don't do these things, and instead have another cup of coffee, guzzle a ton of water, and stay up sewing, drawing, and watching "bleak house" (my latest netflix addiction)?


i have tons of "shoulds" around this house and in my life. and most of the time i do what i should, but sometimes, although probably not too often, i think its fine to just cast off these shoulds and instead do the things i feel are right for the moment. the "shoulds" will always be there, they won't go anywhere without me - they never do.  i can always do the laundry tomorrow. sleep will eventually always happen, whether it be a young baby keeping me awake, or many thoughts i just must put onto paper, or things i must create. i went months without sleeping, and lived just fine - some of those months were my favorites ever. it seems the more i am throwing myself into things i am passionate about, the more excited i am, and the less sleep deprived i feel. the more energy i have from doing the things i love, the more i love, the happier i am, the more alive i am, the more i love my family... and chloe loved the cake.

photos are of chloe, running around the house tonight, post-cake.


  1. Haha- I totally had ice cream for dinner tonight ;)

    1. ha! ice cream doesn't survive more than a few hours around here... i can somehow justify eating it as any meal.


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