we may have had a drink or two.

we also buy a donut.
we spend twenty dollars that we otherwise would have saved...

or spent on things like diapers and pomegranates.

we discuss opening a karaoke bar.

we dream of having a two bedroom in brooklyn - even though one of us already feels cramped in our three bedroom in philadelphia.

we talk about writing a book.

we are no longer health care providers and public servants - we are artists and entrepreneurs.

we talk about paying off those gosh-darn student loans.

we talk about chloe going to school... really, already?

we laugh.

we forget about needing to buy milk.

we are irrational, just for a little while.

we talk about more babies.

our eyes twinkle.

we feel lucky.

we don't need to win.

do you play the lottery?

this is not the first time i have written about the lottery (you can read that post here).


  1. I don`t play the lottery, but I do buy scratch tickets. I love that one second where I think "SOMEONE had to win, right? Oh my god, it might be me!" and then it isn't- yet!!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. I refuse to play the lottery. I feel rich everyday (ok 95% of the time) and convinced if I'm meant to have wealth I'd have it already.


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