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so, i have been spending my nights working on making up some new dolls and making some special orders. i am excited about these new dolls. i imagine them becoming part of a little girl's (or boy's, yes - i make dolls for boys too!) collection and being passed down generation after generation, becoming more and more loved, floppy, and even threadbare over time. 

i had been thinking about making a topsy-turvy doll for quite some time. i love the idea of two dolls in one! i began to think, what about a doll and a cat, rather than two dolls? a cat lady! i also decided to make the doll in different skin tones. i listed two of the dolls in my shop (one already has been sold), but plan to make these dolls custom to order. so, you choose skin tone, hair color, the color of the cat, and clothing colors - i make the doll for you.

 i really do love making these dolls. i spend my days sketching and dreaming them up, and buying up vintage fabrics and scraps, while chloe plays. then while she is asleep i sit in front of a sewing machine, or cuddle with christian on the sofa and watch a movie while embroidering the details. as a lover of hand-made things, i hope to create high-quality, hand-made items, built to be loved and to last.

i started rockwell handmade just a short time ago, and it really is a small little shop, but with every new item i become more and more happy with where it is going... and with every night spent awake sewing up dolls, or ties, or whatever i am making, with every request i get to make something extra special for someone, i become more inspired and excited.  

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  1. Beautiful! You are so creative. How lovely to be able to dream something up, make it by hand, and then have a child/family love it for so long. Your dolls are so cool.

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