"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012"
she needed to take her favorite blanket with her to the park.  and the blanket got slid with on the slide, and was swung with on the swings, and drug on the ground as she ran.  of course the blanket wasn't clean and dry by naptime. i felt horrible sending her to bed without it, but knew she was ready for her nap. she cried for a little bit and the guilt set in bad. i was certainly winning worst mother of the day, today. although she quieted pretty quickly i ran the blanket up to her room as soon as it was dry enough.... and to my surprise, there she was - naked, jumping, and very happy to see her blanket.


  1. i've started thinking about Norah's blanket like a third child... it comes EVERYWHERE with us, and yes, inevitably gets drug through puddles and all kinds of dirtiness. the exact same thing happened with us yesterday. blankie went into the washing machine (we call it "blankie taking a bath") right before naptime. I didn't even try to put her down without it.


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