so, i have decided that because there are many times that really want to blog about stuff that i like, like alot, that i would start this new little ongoing series of "such-and-such likes" to share stuff that i like, or that chloe likes, or that someone else (perhaps you?) likes, so that maybe you or other folks can like it too. i have said it before - this blog is not a sponsored blog, and i do not get any compensation for telling you about any of these lovely ideas or things - this is just me, sharing with you, stuff that i like. because, well, why not? now, without further adieu...

LEAH LIKES: the period store

have you ever come accross something, a website, or business, or idea, that made you think "whoa, i wish i had thought of that!"??... well as soon as i heard about "the period store" that was my exact throught. what a great idea! i hate buying feminie products, feel guilty for buying chocolate, and i am often unprepared and running out last minute to grab what i need from the corner store. i know how silly that may sound to some... i mean it comes every 28 days or so, it has been happening every month now, for years, gosh-darnit! but when crap gets busy, and i am in target with chloe who is running, or screaming, or even better - running while screaming, i tend to forget about the stuff i need and just try to remember milk and diapers.

well, lady-friends, here is a way to make sure you are prepared, and even pampered every month. the period store sends you a monthly package, wrapped up like a polite little gift (rather than the rude one that mother-nature bestows!), the week before your period. inside the package is your choice of feminine product, chocolate, tea, some medicine, and an art print... wrapped up in tissue paper that made me giggle with delight (really! check it out. soooo cute!). i was super impressed with just how thoughtfully it was put together - it was as though a friend had sent me a care package! customer service was awesome! it was worth every stinkin' penny! and i almost hate to admit it, but it gives me something to look forward to during *that time of the month*. 

oh! but, make sure you keep all your lovely, much-needed, and well-deserved treats stashed away. i left mine on a dining room chair while i was cooking dinner... and minutes later heard a little voice saying "mmmMMMMmmm"!!! it turns out that chloe loves salted dark chocolate just as much as i do!

also the period store has a great blog, all about lady-stuff.... including dogs that can smell your period! kind of ewww, and still kind of funny and cool.

yeah, i really like this, and hope you do too!


  1. Hilarious! I guess it was just a matter of time before someone centered a business around this concept ;) I love that Chloe snuck some of the chocolate MmmmMMmmm LOL

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. yes! i ran across this store's instagram awhile back, it think it's so silly and wonderful at the same time!

    lindsey louise



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