are you tired of hearing me, and every other blogger (especially us mom-of-toddler-bloggers), complain about winter and being cooped up? well friends, i am not even going to go there today.

it is supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow! the 50's! and even reach the 60's next week! i am beyond excited about this forecast and there is so much that i have been waiting to do - go for some long walks, open windows and let the house air out, start to plan my little side garden and maybe plant a few container gardens, go to the zoo! we are ready for spring around here.

but today, we have snow. i thought we might just stay inside and keep cozy watching a movie, reading some books, and drinking tea (warm chocolate milk for chloe). then i realized that we haven't had a really good snow day where chloe has been able to go outside. the last time it snowed she was sick and it melted quickly. so i decided that we would go out and enjoy what is hopefully our last snow day of this winter.

i got us all layered up, grabbed my camera, and we went for a little stroll around the neighborhood. chloe loved stomping through the snow, splashing in some puddles, and yes, she needed to bring woody along. we took a short walk, and we were both happy to get back home and warm up. she snacked on some apple slices and her very first cup of warm chocolate milk ever, and we watched "wreck it ralph" until naptime.

 thank you for being mild winter, even though i have complained about you, you could have been worse. now goodbye? please...

happy friday friends!


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