ever since we moved into our home i have been itching to get a pet. i grew up always having a dog, and then had two cats of my own when i moved out, and for a small amount of time when i was out on my own i had a very naughty little kitten. i kid you not, her name was "naughty". christian grew up with dogs, and numerous other pets through the years, and has been adamant that he did not want any fuzzy pets that needed to be trained, or cleaned... dogs, ducks, bunnies... all out of the question if i want to keep my marriage happy.

but last night i was browsing the selby (oh, how i love the selby!), and saw this photo. i immediately pinned it, of course, and then proceeded to text christian at three in the morning: "i have decided that chloe will have pet fish".

and then this morning, chloe and i went out to buy some fish, fish supplies, and a home for them.

so we stopped into one of our favorite thrift stores and found a large glass pitcher - perfect! (i also scored a brand new pair of high-top black chucks for three dollars! they are a little big, but she'll grow into them, right?).

then we made our way to the pet store, and browsed the assortment of fish. chloe picked out the very colorful, day-glow rocks, all by herself. we got a little water plant, some fish food, two tiny black fan-tail goldfish, and headed home.

 i had left water out earlier that morning so it would be ready for our new pets. i washed the pitcher, and rinsed the gravel, and then let chloe set up her new fish home, which pretty much meant letting her transfer gravel from a colander to the pitcher - a small and simple task, but she loved doing it.

it was quite messy, but very pretty. two pounds of gravel was way more than enough, i probably had more gravel on the floor, table, and eventually in my sink when all was said and done... oh, and just so you know,  garbage disposals DO NOT like gravel...

when the bottom of the pitcher was pretty full i gave her another container to continue transferring gravel to while i poured in the water, and then let our fish get acclimated by sitting their travel bag in the pitcher. after about fifteen minutes or so i drained most of the water from the bag and then introduced our new pets to their home.

chloe fed them... very well, and has named them both "fishy".

both fishy, and fishy, seem to be adjusting quite well to their new, colorful, and cozy home. they are not a dog, duck, or bunny, but they are loved already.

do you remember your first pet?


  1. What a fun little activity. Be sure to hop on over to Lynn and Lou for a wonderful Giveaway!
    xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Perfect first pet, I think! I love the pretty rocks, perfect for a little girl :-)

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. thanks jess... i am hoping these guys last more than a week!

  3. Replies
    1. thank-you! it was a fun activity, and it has been a very tiny step in teaching her to take care of animals :)


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