i woke up early and started cutting out projects to work on while chloe was still asleep this morning. christian and i snuck downstairs to the sofa and watched an episode of "vikings". if you haven't checked out this new series from the history channel, and you love a good, and slightly gore-y, historical drama, i would strongly recommend this one. the cinematography alone is enough to keep me watching - very stunning.

we finally got bored of watching television. i finished cutting and planning my projects to be done. we were bored, and it was almost ten, and chloe was still sleeping. we have a rule about letting sleeping babies sleep around here, but decided we would go upstairs and crack her door, and see what would happen. we were happy to hear her up within a few minutes. we fed her breakfast together, and then spent the rest of the morning around the house, just the three of us. it was nice and quiet.

we all enjoyed a family nap in the afternoon, before christian got ready for work. i woke up before chloe and started working in my studio. it wasn't long before she was up. i spent the rest of the afternoon with her, alternating between reading a book and cleaning a mess, and then back to a book, or coloring, and doing some dishes, and so on. 

when christian works chloe and i tend to eat simple, and meatless meals. tonight i made the sprouted kitchen's multigrain waffles. i had been seeing them all over pinterest, and they sounded like they would be something chloe and i would both enjoy (chloe loves waffles, and i love breakfast foods all day long). they were delicious and satisfying - and moist, which is something i always worry about with multigrain recipes.

then a good friend stopped by to pick up this topsy-turvy doll that i made for her daughter, and of course we needed to sit, chat, and catch up while chloe ran around and played. i am working on two more of these dolls tonight and hope to post them in my shop this week. these dolls are going to be a made-to-order customizable doll. i am super excited about them, they are a lot of fun, and literally like having two dolls in one.

speaking of which, it is now time to be productive and get some dollies and goodies made!


  1. Your dolls are so cool!

    It sounds like the perfect, relaxing family day- a bit of "date" time, a bit of you time, and lots of family time :)

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