AROUND HERE: spending the morning at the zoo

we bought a philadelphia zoo pass late last summer, and have only used it a few times. i bought it with the intention of it being a easy go-to activity for us to do with chloe. the zoo isn't too far away from us, and usually an hour or two at the zoo is enough for us and chloe. christian was working yesterday, but it was bight and sunny out, so chloe and i decided to go, and i have the feeling we will be taking full advantage of our zoo privileges this spring.

as soon as we arrived two mating monkeys were waiting for us.. and i knew this would be an interesting day.

because it is spring and it was a weekday, there were a whole lot of school kids at the zoo, so some of the inside exhibits were a little too crowded for us. the great thing about traveling with a toddler is that they don't really mind. chloe was happy to walk and look at the penguins... who didn't have a very large audience.

and the zebras are always interesting to look at. they share an area with the rhinos. it is separated by metal pillars which are placed wide enough to allow the zebras through, but also keeps the rhinos on one side.... the rhinos also have little caves to hide in and they always look like they are creepin' on those pesky zebras.

you see what i mean?

the otters might have been chloe's favorite animal, and we had them all to ourselves for a good five minutes before the exhibit filled up with middle-schoolers. then we went to the aviary, which chloe did not like at all - she grabbed my hand and rushed me through. she wanted no business with those birds! 

i know i said chloe is laid back earlier, but she is also has a little mind of her own, and is not shy about showing how she feels. she DID NOT want to be around those birds. however, while we were in the aviary, we took advantage what i think is the cleanest and newest bathrooms in the zoo (tip for all you philly mamas!). you know you are potty training a toddler when you get applauded in a public restroom... she yelled "yaaaay!" and clapped her little hands loud enough for everyone to hear. chloe is very supportive.

but i think the most amusing part of our trip, for chloe, was running on the porch and ramp of the closed ice cream shop. she ran back and forth for a solid 30 minutes (an eternity in toddler time), and was bummed when i finally made her leave. i can't wait to bring her back when it opens up and see how excited she is then!

philadelphia zoo, you are always a good time and you keep us coming back for more.... till next time!


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