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this weekend it started to feel like spring. the weather warmed up into the 50's, we turned the clocks forward, when you walked outside that fresh and crisp spring smell was there. chloe and i got up and threw on our rain boots and went to grab bagels. i have been hearing all good things about spread bagelry, and decided we should try it out for brunch. it was hands down, the most magical bagel i have ever had in my entire life. crisp, fresh, the faintest bit of a chew to it, and so tasty. i got an everything bagel with roasted veggie cream cheese (because chris was working - so i wasn't kissin' anyone!), and chloe had a cinnamon raisin with butter. we sat in rittenhouse square and ate our breakfast, then walked around... or chloe ran, and i walked after her. there were other people out with their toddlers and dogs, and chloe chased both. it made me wish i lived further into town. i really want to make it into town more often as it is getting warmer.

afterwards we thought about going to the zoo, but when we saw the line of cars wrapped around the street i remembered why i never usually go on the weekends. we drove closer to home and visited a park on the way. chloe played, we found some ducks to feed the rest of her bagel to, chloe collected little seed pods, and then threw them into the creek. 

what is a day at the park without a tantrum, right?

tantrum over. onto collecting.
the whole day filled me with happiness, and i realized just how i never really got used to winter, how i never adjusted to the cold, and how much i crave the warm sunshine... welcome back spring, you are my favorite, you should have never left.


  1. Glad to hear it was such a lovely day! So many people seem to have struggled through the time change, but I too don't mind it, because it means spring is practically here. Also, I really wish I had an awesome bagel place around me, maybe I`ll have to dig a little deeper and see if I can find one.

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