i love holiday decorations. in philadelphia, and especially in northeast philadelphia, people tend to go all out when decorating their homes. for every holiday. i always mean to do some decorating, but it just doesn't seen to happen. this year i got inspired from seeing so many adorable decorations and DIYs that i decided to make a little garland, and share a quick little DIY with you folks... and it's a video, and no, i am not wearing a jason mask in this one either.

hope you enjoy - sorry about the horrible video quality... sometimes these things happen at the last minute, when your toddler finally decides to nap, and you don't have any sunlight left in your craft room. 

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and here are some valentine's day DIYs that i love, and i think you will too:


  1. I love that garland. I made a garland this year but mine didn't turn out as cute as yours.

    1. thanks for the sweet reply jenna. many of my crafts never make it on the blog because they are downright ugly and weird... maybe i will post them all some day. i hope you had a lovely valentine's day!


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