i love valentine's cards, but gift-shops don't always carry ones that say what i want to say. there are some really sweet and unique cards out there on the internet, but unless you have planned ahead of time, then it is very unlikely that they will get to you, and then sent to your friends, by valentine's day, if you order them now. no folks, it is very close to being february 13th, your choices are: gift-shop or make your own. here is a way to make sweet and unique cards, that are inexpensive, and super, stupidly easy. even if you are the un-craftiest person in the world, you can do this. so easy you have no excuse not to make them. so.... go make some very un-giftshop cards, write some sweet, or not-so-sweet stuff, and give them to your friends - who will absolutely love them.

  • old postcards (mine are thrift shop finds that i got for pennies and stashed away).
  • a package of foam glitter heart stickers


put your stickers on your postcards. turn the post-card over and write something warm and heartfelt, or witty and wry. then send them to your friends. postage will run you the same as a postcard if you send them without an envelope.

for some reason i seem to have a whole lot of austrailia themed postcards - and i will find it very hard not to address my friends as "mate" when i address them.  i love the look of the old postcard with the shiny new glitter.

this one is my favorite. it reminds me of this book, which i read to chloe. i might have a hard time giving this one away!

have you ever made your own cards? how did it go? 

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