happy weekend friends! did nemo bring you some snow last night? we got a couple inches; just enough to cover the ground, but not really enough for sledding. boo! christian worked last night, came home this morning  and quickly shoveled. when either of us gets home after working night-shift i like to keep things kind of low key and relaxed... usually whichever one of us worked is exhausted, but still excited to come home and spend some time together as a family, before taking a long nap. i like to make breakfast, and a favorite around here is sour cream pancakes. they are fluffier than the boxed mix, but not terribly hard to make. i added some magenta food coloring (for some reason i didn't have red, but i did have magenta - oh well!) for a festive twist on our family favorite. if i had strawberries and raspberries around it would have been extra fancy. again, oh well!

i made some good ol' boxed hot chocolate, and enjoyed a little breakfast date with my sleepy husband and toddler, who for some reason refused her pancakes this morning (very unusual... and makes me a little suspicious... what's goin' on chlo?). 

while breakfast is probably our favorite meal to eat out, staying in pajamas, not needing to drive, and just whipping something yummy up in our kitchen is always fun, especially when we are all home together. why not try making a little valentine's themed breakfast for your family? maybe add some berries, and make up a little pink whipped cream?

are you a breakfast person? do you have any favorite foods or special traditions?

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  1. yum
    love food and breakfast..
    every sunday we make.. well i make banana walnut stuffed french toast..


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