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from now until valentines day i am going to share some free, or cheap ways to show the people around you some love. valentine's day tends to be one of those "hall-mark holidays" which people spend a ton of money on, but it doesn't need to be. my favorite valentines are those that are hand-made. inexpensive, and well-thought, rather than overpriced and store bought (however, if the husband really is set on buying me this... he is more than welcome to). from now until valentine's day i will be sharing ideas for free or inexpensive dates, expressions of love, and DIYs for the sweet ones in your life. because love ain't cost a thing... or something like that.


  • make them a mixed tape... or cd, or playlist for their ipod. make it something you think that they will enjoy. if noisy electronic bands are their thing - make them the best noisy electronic mix you can. when christian and i were first dating he gave me a copy of the best eighties mix ever. i still listen to it!
  • make them a piece of art. the first year christian and i were dating i knit him an anatomically correct heart. it was made out of yarn i had leftover from other projects, so it was cheap to make, but it did require the investment of time and thought. he still loves it and keeps it around... which makes the crafty me so happy inside. you can make them a poster, book, or a card, but make it something you think they will love and want to have around.
  • make him or her their favorite cookie or desert, and then drop it off at their job. i am not really one for public displays of affection, but public sharing of thoughtful treats? i doubt anyone will ever object! be sure to make enough so they can share with coworkers!
  • don't put apple cider vinegar on your face before going to bed with them. seems obvious, yes? i use ACV as a toner, and my husband hates the smell... to show him i care, i don't use it before getting into bed with him. rather, i put it on when i am around the house by myself. what's that?  you don't put ACV on your face? well i am sure there is something  silly that you do, that you know non-purposefully annoys them, that you can give up without much consequence. try it.
  • let them win, and applaud them. but don't let them know you let them win. seems sneaky? a little dishonest? yeah, get over that.
  • give them compliments. thoughtful ones. publicly. seems simple, but when was the last time you thought to give your significant other a real thoughtful compliment while you were hanging out together with family or friends? when is the last time you received a meaningful compliment from someone you love publicly? there is something very romantic and special about this little gesture. and it's 100% free.
  • put on something cute, doesn't need to be fancy (but it can be!), add a smidge of lipstick, and make them their favorite dinner. use the fancy napkins. light a candle. put on some al green. enjoy a homemade meal in. if you have kids and want to let them participate, make it known that this is a special meal, let them help you prepare it, let them dress up if they want to! if your child is a little too young, as is our case, put them to bed early and make it a date night. 
the knit heart i made christian the first year we were going out
do you have any simple, but special, ways of showing your sweetheart that you care? what is the sweetest thing they have ever done for you?


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