today was glorious. it was warm and sunny, and while chloe refused her nap... which would usually lead me to keep her in and put her to bed early, i just needed to get her out.

we walked to the nice park. it is further away, but always less packed than the one closest to our home, and never has big kids on bikes riding through it. chloe went down the big slide by herself(!!!), we both slipped down a muddy hill and got muddy bottoms and knees. i pulled my hamstring sliding down that hill and i ugly-laughed my muddy bottom off because, what else can you do? then i got up and pushed chloe on the swings until it started to get a little chily, packed her up, and began to walk home.

on the way home we stopped for a cookie at the local bakery. chloe gobbled that cookie up, and then ate the chalk she had been insisting on holding while in the stroller. we got home and showered, ate dinner, and then chloe got a little too crazy while sitting in a big person chair at the table, and fell. ofcourse she hit her head, and ofcourse she screamed her poor hurt head off.

so i held her, and rocked her, and she fell asleep. and then i freaked out because she fell asleep so quickly... at first forgetting that she had refused her nap, had a long day, and it was only a short while until her usual bedtime. yeah, i might be a nurse, and take care of other people's kids. yes, i work in an emergency room, and i do know what to look out for when it comes to head injuries. but, i am still a first time mom, and i needed that call from the pediatrician to assure me of what to look out for and tell me that it was okay to watch her at home instead of running to the emergency room. chloe has been fine.... even though i am sure i will stay up all night long checking in on her.

so now it is off to work on a new doll, and listen to an audio book, and stay awake until i no longer can... and perhaps let chloe sleep in her mama's bed for the night.

the above videos were taken with the new vine app. i have found it to be a little glitchy, but i still really like it. do you vine yet? my name is "missleahruth".

i hope you had a beautiful day.


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