simple things from around our home... and some simple thoughts to share:

found myself spending, and spending, and spending last week... and couldn't quite figure out why i felt that i had such deep pockets... don't get me wrong, i didn't get too crazy, but i am kind of frugal and i found myself ordering and purchasing without hesitation, which is very rare for me.

and then i got my period. crap.

i also found myself a blubbering mess watching toy story 3 with chloe... the part at the end, when all the toys are holding hands - i was a mess!

i should have known.

so today i cleaned out my wardrobe as penance. a bag of donations, a bag to be handed down to the little sisters, and a very tiny bag to be listed to sell.

my wardrobe is now reduced to many grey t-shirts, a handful of cardigans, a couple pairs of jeans, and some tried and true basics i have owned for years. i have found myself setting into classic and easy outfits - a grey v-neck tee, black skinny jeans, a cardigan, and some boots. i am planning to invest in a few items, some pieces i can see myself keeping until they die.... i love the idea of a small and well-loved wardrobe.

i have already started planning chloe's summer wardrobe.... stocking up on vintage short-alls, a new pair of mocs... i have patterns in hand, and have begun searching for the perfect fabrics to sew her some sweet things for summer.

i am so ready for summer. i am tired of television, and worried that chloe watches too much. last summer was full of days outside at the park or in the yard, and long walks. i am ready for that again.

i have started to dream up ideas of how to make our tiny back yard a bit more magical... i am thinking of a little container garden, a play tent, lawn chairs, and am looking for some large basin to re-purpose as a kiddie pool. chloe has been insisting on baths every afternoon as of late, and i think i will have quite a swimmer on my hands come summer.

christian has been studying his bottom off this past week... reading all types of boring books about fires. he is planning on taking a test this spring which would increase his rank. i am proud of him, but feel bad as well. it's not easy to study around here when you want to hang out with your toddler and spouse (who feels as though it has been ages since she has seen you, but it really was only about twelve hours). it wasn't too long ago that i was the one stuck reading boring books. trying to focus while wanting to enjoy my family without worrying about how much i have to read or how much material i need to cram into my head.  he will do it. he is pretty smart and knows how to work his cute bottom off.

we ordered some chinese take-out tonight after i cleaned up the house, and entertained and bathed chloe. chloe had already had her own dinner of vegetables and fish-sticks (and a moose), but she dug right in with us. it was nice to sit at the table, chloe switching from my lap to his to sample our plates. a perfect little family dinner of sorts.

and the perfect simple start to the week.

lots of love to you and yours,



  1. That happens to me to. It's the worst.
    I love the little Woody outfit. SO darn cute!

    1. thanks, those are her favorite pjs - so soft and sweet!


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