i worked over the weekend.. three, long, twelve hour shifts. i know there are many working mothers out there who manage to get some good quality time with their families after or before going to work. there are moms who get to spend their days at home with their children all the time and hardly ever get a break. there are moms who work two or three jobs and just try to squeeze as much family time into their day as possible, wherever they can get it. i know i am lucky to be able to do what i do, make my own schedule, and be able to be home with my little one while still contributing financially to our family.

but it tuckers me out. night-shift is not easy.. not the work itself... i mean, often i am running around non-stop most of the night, and there are many times i go the whole twelve hours without eating, drinking, or peeing. but the transition to normal life after being up all night for three days - that is what kills me. luckily, this past monday, christian was home and i got to take a nice nap and take it easy for the day. this doesn't always happen, so when it does i soak it up. oh, i showered, and walked around in my favorite nightie and comfy sweater, and i napped! then i got up and just did nothing for the rest of the day other than cuddle with my husband and play with chloe. it was a good monday.

i put chloe to bed, something i miss a ton when i work nightshift and leave the house while she is still up. then christian and i snuggled up on the sofa to catch up on "girls". anyone else out there watching this season? do you miss adam? loathe marnie? can i just say that this show is such a guilty pleasure for me... and now they introduced a character named laird, and it just so happens that i saw a guy named laird for a short time before i met christian... it would have never worked. he used the word "modernity", which should not be a word - it doesn't sound right. you can just say that something is modern, you don't need to add a suffix to it... modern doesn't sound right being any longer of a word than it is... right? the brevity of the word is what makes it modern.

 oh, and he never walked me to my car (is this a city guy, who doesn't own a car, type of thing???). well, girls has finally made it possibly a little bit cool that i went out a few times with a guy named laird.

even though when i explained this to christian he denied that there is anything cool about dating anyone but himself... which is true. he doesn't say "modernity".

and the baby listens to christian. about bedtime at least. we put her to bed a little after eight last night, and while she hardly ever cries, she does sometimes sit in bed and talk or grab a book from her book shelf to "read". well an hour after we had put her to bed she was still up there talking. christian asked me if i wanted to go up to tell her to go to sleep. at which i laughed and asked him if he really thought it would make a difference. she was in bed. it was dark. she had been given her bottle and tucked in. she knew the deal. it's bedtime. she wasn't crying, and if she wants to talk herself to sleep, by all means...

but he went up and said "baby, it is time for bed. go to sleep little woman. i love you".

and there was not even a peep after that! amazing!

and that was monday.... and today is tuesday... and on tuesday we:
  • went to ikea, had breakfast, bought a sheepskin and other stuff, ate frozen yogurt, and spent more money than i thought i would...
  • went for a long walk outside to the post-office, without a stroller, and chloe walked the whole walk like a pro... until the last block where she slowed down and tried to lay on the sidewalk. but then i got to carry her like a baby the rest of the way. i am always okay with carrying her like a baby. always.
  • are going to make these nutella peanutbutter cookies when the husband gets home with the nutella.
  • have decided to un-clutter the clutter that is the sideboard tonight - pray for me friends!

hope your week is off to a great start friends - here are some little bits from my iphone!


  1. Your daughter is so cute! It sounds like you had a lovely start to your week :)


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. thank you soo much summer! time spent with my husband and little girl is the best!

  2. Okay, seriously your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! What a little cutie!
    xo TJ

    1. thanks lady! she is such great company as well :)


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