thank you to everyone for reading this little blog, and for your words of love and support in response to this post from the other day. i went back and forth on whether or not i should post it, and finally clicked on the publish button.. and i am glad i did. you guys are so sweet.

but since then i have been trying to figure out what to write about, because i have been at home, and things have been very uninteresting around here.. and it's raining today, which ruined our zoo plans. the husband is sick, and i haven't had any real adventures, or thrift trips, and i haven't made any cookies, yet... so i have just been reading the lovely blogs that i read, and some books, snuggling my little chlo, and doing my laundry... and then i found something blogg-y to do and share with you.
one of my favorite bloggers, natalie, recently shared a post where she divulged five things about herself. she mentioned had been tagged by someone on instagram to share these thing, but instead made a sweet little blog post about it. i agree with this move - while i love being tagged to share stuff on anything, and i do love reading these little bits about those that i follow (it feels like being in on a deep secret shared between the best of friends) i fear they are too long, and too much to post on instagram. or maybe i am just too share-y - which is a likely possibility, or perhaps i am really bad at keeping things brief - another likely possibility... which would make me horrible at giving an ocsar award speech.

but anyways, i like my 'grams on the shorter side.

but, blog posts are all about rambling, and sharing, and... well, she said i was welcome to share too... well, she actually said everyone was.. 

and since i hardly ever get tagged to share....


1 - when i was about twelve years old i was practicing ballet in my bedroom, even though i did not ever take ballet classes, and i dislocated my right knee-cap! i needed to be carried down the stairs of my home in the most painful and awkward of positions (with my knee bent, but the knee-cap on the outside of my leg.. and every little movement that made my knee move just the tiniest bit was sure and utter agony.. oh thinking about it still makes me cringe!). and before we went to the hospital my whole family needed to put their hands on me and pray for me. crazy religious family, right? well, it must have worked, because i was sure that my twelve year old self was going to die, and they put my knee back in place at the hospital without much difficulty, and with a little demerol. it was a-okay. but now my kneecap has a tendency to dislocate, like all previously dislocated things do. my husband accidentally dislocated it when i was pregnant... don't-even-ask, and needed to put it back into place... and luckily it also goes back into place even easier now.

2 - i can knit while i read, and not mess up my knitting while retaining all the stuff i read.

3 -  i am embarassingly horrible at pop-culture trivia, most likely because i was home-schooled and slightly sheltered as a kid. but i am pretty good at taking academic tests about stuff that i haven't even studied and probably don't know enough about.

4 - when i get tired i talk out of the side of my mouth and kind of slur my words... without ever meaning to. because i work night-shift, and therefore am always tired, this has made me the object of much laughter, and the recipient of many awkward looks at work.

5 - i have a scar over my belly-button from the time me and my friend, liz, decided to get our belly-buttons pierced. we were eighteen. i never kept the ring in very long because it looked incredibly awkward on me, but it was one of those things that we as childhood friends always wanted to do from the time we were twelve. i photographed the scar, wrote a story about it, and submitted it to the "learning to love you more" project.. and, lo and behold, it is still on the web, and you can see that here.

there. do you feel we are now the best of friends? i hope so.

i tag anyone who reads this! leave a link to yours in the comments!


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