so, it's february. well, it has been february for twenty days. february is historically my worst month. i follow many bloggers who wrote about the horrors of january, and while i don't love january, i found a little annoying voice in the back of my mind reminding me, "at least it's not february!". while i have been trying to be positive this year (which is the reason i have yet to address it in writting) the dark, cold, and icy sharp "bleh" of february has set in, and i have eight days left.

i am happy to have made it to day twenty before this set in.

i am even happier that this is not a leap year.

but otherwise, there are very few things that i really feel happy about right now. really, only a few precious people, and a couple hings that i am holding onto tightly, trusting they will bring me through to march.. and because i love a good list (as if you haven't noticed), here it is:


christian - this man. oh, this man. i don't think i would like him as much if he was easier. i have been told i am easy-going... and i don't think i would seen as such, if he was not himself. i am not complaining. i am not being sarcastic here. i am serious - he is the crazy and wild that makes me sane. 

for example, this morning he woke up kind of grumpy... quite grumpy infact. when i noted he was a "grumpus", and asked him what was up,  he replied "well you were mean"...


"you were mean to me, in my dreams, and now i am upset"

and as bizarre as this all sounds, it brought about some needed laughter... and this:

 thank you christian for always making me laugh, even in february.

hot toddies: i am officially sick. that cold that keeps coming back and makes you stay in bed, that makes your body hurt from coughing and that leaves you feeling icky all day, and just won't go away? yeah, i have that. during the day i am downing tons of water, and hot lemon tea, and every now and then at night i make it into a hot toddy. when you aren't a nurse, and you get sick you go to the doctor... and when you are a nurse you take some vitamins, drink tons of water, and sip an occasional hot toddy.

this kid:  chloe. this goofy, giggling, silly toddler makes every day amazing. even on those morning when i wake up with cold feet, feeling stuffy, as if i haven't slept for days, and am reminded that i have to go the whole day, and then go to work that night until the following morning, she makes me smile and fills me with the happiness that makes me glad to be alive. i forget about how crappy my body feels, and am content to be with her, to go on adventures with her, to chase her around, to be her mama. 

but otherwise, february, i am over you. i plan to continue to try to ignore your existence, and attempt to persevere as though you never even got to me... because you didn't! ya hear me?

ya hear?


  1. ..loud and clear! I thought january was going to last for.ever. February is not any better. I wouldnt want to be married to myself but pete puts up with me.

    1. seriously! it's like you labor through january, just to arrive at february, which is shorter, but somehow even tougher! I am with you - not the best february wife either - thank goodness for good men!


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