this past weekend i sat down to dinner with five women i have known for more than half my life. we grew up going to church and youth group together, and have kept in touch throughout the years through e-mail and facebook.

while we have gone from seeing one another on a daily or weekly basis to getting together every few months, we have the type of friendship that just always seems to pick up wherever we leave off. i am oh so thankful for these types of friendships. 

whenever we get together it means a lot of laughing, reminiscing, and tons of good food. this time around our lovely hostess made us an italian feast. we ate until we were all stuffed, and then ate desert as well! we sat around and talked for hours, and our conversations... well, our conversations were just kind of a slightly more grown-up version of the ones we had growing up (only slightly though!). so, pretty much some of the best girls-night time ever. 

and now for some group photos of last week, and years past.

christmas 2000?


i will say it again, there is something very special about such a long-standing friendship among six women. i am grateful for each of them. dear friends, you hold a special place in my little leah heart. may our years continue to hold such lovely nights... oh, won't it be funny to sit around in our 50's, 60's, and even 70's talking and laughing like we always have?

yeah, let's do that.

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