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by far one of the best things about both of us working shift-work is being off together as a family - during the week. before we had chloe i used to schedule myself to work the same nights as christian and we would often enjoy four long days at a time off together. it was like having a long weekend, every weekend. except, it was during the week, when everyone else was at work - which is even better! empty movie theaters, less crowded stores, shopping with no lines, no wait for a table for brunch, really horrible weekday day-time television. we loved it. we still do now that we have chloe, however it never usually gets to last a full four days..  

but this week we got three!

so we ran some errands, took care of house business, and planned to go to the zoo... until  the weather didn't cooperate with us. so we decided we should make a trip to target, because what is time off together without making our obligatory trip to target for gummy vitamins, diaper genie refills, and toothpaste? 

and then christian got all crazy, mentioned "bubble tea", and proceeded to find the sweetest authentic chinese bakery that sells it. it was surprisingly close to our home, not too far away from our target, and when we walked in we caught more than a few looks as we tried to decipher the non-english menu. despite this, we will be back - the bubble tea was delicious. 

surprise! that chloe loves her bubble tea.

we headed over to target and picked up our things, and strolled around.. and tried on sunglasses.

i can never find any that don't make me look like a fly. even the ones that aren't over-sized are too big on my face and look silly. however, i am determined to find a pair of sunglasses that flatter my face and hide my tired eyes on days when i haven't slept well. alas, it was not happening at target.

we headed home without glasses, but with some cookie baking necessities. so all was not a loss. 

by the time we got home dusk was just settling in. we realized chloe had not been outside during the past day, so we decided to take a walk.

and then we did more nonsense around here... some cleaning, playing, coloring, some reading, more errands this morning until nap-time was upon us. and while chloe napped christian was kind enough to help me take some new bowtie and collar photos for my little shop (hoping to be having a pretty big shop update soon, which i am soo excited about).

this boy missed his calling as a j crew model, let me tell you. i am one lucky girl. i just know that his irresistible stubble is going to cause these babies to sell out! (i am just kidding folks, but really now, it can't hurt, can it?)

after our photo session, he spoiled me by cleaning my car... partially because i an not a very good car owner, and partially because he is a very good one.

while he cleaned the car i decided to test out a recipe for the momfuku compost cookie that i had found online here. it was pretty good... i am probably going to play with it a little bit... i have never had the real thing, but the thought of adapting this recipie, and perfecting it to my own taste, of making it into my perfect cookie, well this is a challenge i am up for the taking.

i am thinking peanut-butter chips (rather than butterscotch), and more of a chocholate chip cookie dough base.. and making my own graham crust (i substituted crackers). 

we made some half-decent shepherd's pie, and have been watching a little HGTV, and chloe has been sitting next to me on the floor as i type, ripping apart the latest j crew catalog, and making it into a nest... no, really.

can i just tell you that i might be the luckiest girl ever?

how has your week been? any good weekend plans? any suggestions on sunglasses for girls with small faces?

okay, okay.. i need to go bury my toddler in the remains of a jcrew catalog.



  1. Great post, you are a lucky girl :) And what an epic bowtie!!


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