AROUND HERE : a morning at home

a few moments from around here yesterday morning:

- a sink full of yesterday's dishes - looking out to the back yard through a dirty window - radishes - living room - dining room and kitchen - chloe, done eating her breakfast - bathtime - bathroom clutter and tea - chloe getting ready - mama getting ready in a dirty mirror - homemade face cleanser - chloe and me, in a dirty mirror - making cookies to bring to coworkers.

we usually try to get out of the house to do something at least once a day, but i have been sick, and it is february, and i had to go to work at night.. so a quiet morning, followed by an afternoon nap, then some reading and playtime was perfect.
but now it is the weekend, and we have things to do, people to see, places to be... let's go!

i'm working on using my camera in manual mode, can you tell?


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