for the past couple months i have been blogging more and more. i am enjoying it. it is a creative outlet, a little way to record the days of my family, a way for me to share special little bits of my life with others. before i started blogging i used other social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest - and i don't plan on stopping.

but, it is a lot, and it makes me feel a little congested, and a little cluttered. i am constantly wondering if i shared the same stuff with my facebook friends that i shared with me instagram friends and then there are the twitter friends, and it is all too much to keep up with. but i really want to keep up with all of you and share with all of you, so i am not leaving.

one of the purposes of the blog was to actually share less than i had been sharing on facebook. i don't really want to write about where i work, share my exact location, let you know what i am planning on doing tomorrow, or where i am planning on going, etc. i have found that by blogging i share less of this, and instead more photos of things we have already done. i know that i cannot ever be 100% safe when posting stuff on the internet, but i think that posting past-tense stuff and just recording things, rather than sharing plans is a step in a good direction... i am making other little steps to ensure safety for myself and my family as i continue to blog and share with all of you.

so, i am not planning on being rid of any of these social media platforms, the most important reason is you. i have gained friends through all of them and do not want to loose contact with anyone. i love seeing the photos of family that you, my friends post, reading about your adventures and tid-bits of your day. but i have needed to consider making some changes, for my sanity, and to just share the same thing with everyone in a concise way (so that you don't get bombarded with photos on facebook, plus blog posts, and so my twitter feed doesn't make my own head spin). so i am taking a few steps to make this work:

  •  i switched to a blogidy-blog facebook, and will be shutting down my regular one as soon as i friend everyone under my new account. there will be less facebook updates (probably just a blog post once or twice a week). i am planning on continuing to follow the friend that i have that are on face-book, but probably will try to interact less on there.
  • i will be e-mailing people more when i want to contact them - yay!
  • i will be using twitter to post little thoughts and tid-bits from our days that may not deserve their own blog post, and hope to connect with more who are using twitter.
does this seem any less complicated to you? still sounds crazy? have any suggestions on how to be less crazy without getting rid of facebook, instagram, or twitter??? for now i will see how this goes. i hope to tweak it and come up with something more managable, less cluttered, and more personal as i go along, without loosing contact with any of you guys.... okay, enough talk... here is a photo-dump of instagram photos for those of you who may not be 'gramming, or who missed them somehow:

this was a rather silly post. thank you for being friends with me.

a silly girl.


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