and the thrifting gods looked down on me in favor, and i glowed with frugality... or something like that. it was a good trip to the thrift the other day. i found this set of stack-able tables, the sweetest linen dresser scarf and doily, and some nice vintage remnants to use in some upcoming projects. you can't tell form the photo but the last one is swiss-dot... and i can never pass up some swiss-dot!

the tables are great for my little high-traffic living-room which i have been struggling to figure out the perfect surface solution for (i wrote more about that here). all my fixtures around here are bronze, which is kind of eh, but these tables will make the most of it. they are not super-shinny bronze, but kind of weathered and perfect. the glass is nice and thick and sits in the tables pretty snug. oh, having tables in the living room is making me all types of happy, because now i can sit and put my luke-warm coffee down on a table, and think, or read, or make a fort.

the doily will most likely travel around the house and lend prettiness as needed. the dresser scarf is going on the wall. yes, you read that right,. on the wall. because it is too cute (and unstained) to go anywhere else. to frame? or not to frame? is the question for the dresser scarf!

chloe was with me during this trip. she stayed in the carrier because there is way too much glass and art for a curious toddler in this particular thift shop. she did manage to get her hands onto the most adorable china egg cup shapped like a chicken, and once she had it in her hands and proclaimed "CHI-HEN", i immediately dismissed any thoughts of removing it from her chubby hands and decided it would come home with us. she held that fifty-cent chicken for a good half hour. she sang her "a-b-sees" to the chicken and kissed it. then once we were in line, just minutes away from checking out, she started to wiggle and make it known she was done sitting in the carrier. her and her chicken wanted out. when i told her she would need to stay in the carrier for just a few minutes she threw that little chicken on the ground and it shattered into tiny little pieces. i was embarased, and upset, but i picked up the little pieces and told her she had been wrong. i explained that there was no more chicken. she was quiet. she doesn't say "sorry" yet. i am not sure if she really understands being "sorry" yet. i offered to pay for the chicken, but the woman behind the counter laughed and told me to forget about it.

i felt bad. i felt bad that my toddler had broken something that technically wasn't hers, even though i had planned on buying it and wanted to pay for it, even broken. i felt bad that i could no longer buy it for her to enjoy. i felt upset that she threw a fit and broke the chicken that she was enjoying so much. i felt bad knowing that this would not be the last time she makes a decision that comes with negative consequence, or results in loss. and i felt a little powerless and humbled knowing that there is nothing i can do about this other than to allow her to continue to make these mistakes, and help her learn from them. once i got to the car i had kind of processed these thoughts, and then almost walked back in to retrieve the broken pieces of the little chicken that the woman at the counter had brushed into a paper bag and set inside the trash can. what would i do with a bunch of broken chicken pieces?

don't answer that. there are many things that i could do with broken "CHI-HEN" pieces.


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