over a year ago i came across the most beautiful personalized portraits being created by artist "ashmae" on etsy (her shop is here by the way). i never bought a portrait, but i did think about it, and i even took a photo of my family once chloe was born to send her and have the portrait painted. i am the worst procrastinator when it comes to ordering or buying things i want. eventually she announced on instagram (yes, i follow her on instagram as well, you can too - her name is birdsofashmae), that she would be taking a break from portraits to dedicate some time to a project she was working on. i was both kicking myself for not ordering a portrait, and excited to see what she would do.

well folks, she wrote a children's book, and it looks all types of amazing. you can see bits about it on kickstarter, where you also have the opportunity to back the book. yes, you can have a part in funding the production of this lovely children's book - and here's the thing, depending on how much you back the book for you get all types of lovely things in return!

i love seeing creative folk make their dreams come true. it is inspiring to me, and i love that i could take part in this. i do not personally know ashmae, and this is not a sponsored post. it just fills my little soul with excitement, and inspires me so, to see lovely and creative people making such beauty!


  1. that is wonderful.. love hearing of dreams coming true.

    1. isn't it? she has met her goal! whoo hooo! i am super excited to see this book - sure to be beautiful!


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