finally updated my etsy shop with little valentine's day cupid dolls that i feel like i have been working on forever (although it has probably just been a couple weeks). there are twelve dolls - nine listed so far, and three blondes which should be in the shop tomorrow. this is one of my own designs, and i love how it turned out. i played around with some materials and am very happy with the quality of them. they feel like they will last forever, and that is what i am going for with everything i make.

i am changing how i run and stock my shop a little. instead of working on a ton of different projects at once i am making a small amount of a single item (like the twelve cupid dolls), and then listing them, and starting another project. i am also going to be trying to work mainly with recycled or vintage material - i love how it makes the finished project unique and it feels more special to me. the cupid dolls were made with vintage poly-knit remnants that i had fallen in love with and was saving (or hoarding), for a special project. i like to allow the material i am working with contribute to the idea of the project. these fabrics felt like valentines day, and once i saw the light blue swiss dot material i knew i needed to make wings.

well, it is off to find something to read or watch, make a little hot cocoa, and work on a couple little projects.

more to come soon, as always.



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