portrait v.1

 "a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

one of my goals, or resolutions this year is to take more photos using my camera, as opposed to my phone. although we are already into the second week of the year, this is my first portrait for the year. i think this is not only an opportunity to use my camera, but more importantly to document chloe.

for the past month of so, chloe has been waking up from nap very focused on a very particular routine. this routine is a snack, followed by a bath. she will take your hand and lead you into the kitchen where she will point to the bowl of fruit or top of the fridge, where animal cookies reside, and wait for you to provide her with a bowl full of a small snack. after she is finished her snack, she will bring you the bowl and then lead you to the tub and insist on taking a bath.


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