in case you were curious... and i know you were.

secretly, or perhaps not so secretly now, i love reading posts about what other people keep in their handbags. if windows are the eyes to your soul, then your bag is the window to your lifestyle? day? ability to organize? a handbag is a very personal thing, it holds the stuff you use, need, or maybe treasure as you travel throughout your day. the stuff you can't live without, the stuff you just have to have, the crap that you accumulate because you haven't been able to find a wastebasket... all that personal stuff.  when i see others posts about their handbags i am always happy to get a little peek into their lives, so i thought i would share mine with you. disclaimer: i did clean out my bag - you are not going to get to see the cheerios, remains of an entire bag of roasted nuts, link, or pieces of a tampon that my toddler disassembled in public that i needed to quickly cram bag into my bag....for goodness sake!

my husband bought me this bag while we were dating, and it has stood the test of time (have been using it almost exclusively for 5 years or so). when chloe was born i sold my other purses because, #1 i didn't need a bunch of purses, #2 i wasn't working as much and needed some extra cash to buy cute baby stuff. this bag has seen a ton of love and has held up really well. it is made by sabina (which you can find at urban outfitters). i am looking at investing in a new bag that zippers and crosses over my body (maybe this one by elf?) just because it seems a bit more secure and would allow me better use of both of my arms and hands while i am out and about with chloe.

my wallet is by coach, i have had it for just about as long as i have had this bag, the husband bought this one for me as well (he is pretty good, if i do say so myself), and it does a good job of doing what it does. it has pen marks all over it... and i have the feeling i will be changing it up in the future as well. it is full of discount cards, my nurse/healthcare provider certification cards, my id's, and tons of money, yeah, huge wads of cash... or maybe not.

 i can never find a calendar or planner that i really love so i make my own. moleskine books are my favorites, and the 8" x 5" plain notebook works great. the paper is really nice and buttery, and it provides me enough space to make a little calendar, and use the other pages for lists and places to put photos. it has an envelope in the back to hold the husband's work schedule and coupons, and a little elastic strap to keep it from spilling into my bag.

i have a little thing for lipstick. it makes me feel pulled together... my feelings about lipstick really deserve their own post. colors i love are, from left to right: red lizzard, scarlet empress, and roman holiday. i stumbled across this sweet fig lip butter from say yes to carrots a little bit ago, and it has replaced my burt's bees... yep, it's pretty good.

cheap, practical reading glasses, because i am horrible at taking care of glasses. these babies fit my little face, make me look like a hipster, and keep my toddler entertained when other stuff fails. the tweezers are from my adorable sister-in-law, haruka, and they are as practical as they are cute.

crystal light put out these little packets that contain caffeine and b vitamins. i have been drinking caffeine loaded drinks for years, but i must have been vitamin b deficient, because these little packets can keep my awake and alert, more so than a cup of coffee or diet coke. i am not giving up my coffee or diet coke any time soon, but sometimes it is good to mix it up a little, and these portable packets wake me up without making me jittery.... like a billionth cup of coffee does.

someone gave me four little screw-top containers as a baby shower gift, and i have stolen one for myself. it it perfect for keeping cough drops, mints, and other small necessities that toddlers could choke on. the four containers all snap together, so when i pack chloe a snack in one i can snap it to this and it makes it a little easier to find.

 this purse looks a lot more organized than i really am. hope you are enjoying your friday loves!


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