i have lived in my home for almost three years now, and while i do love it, it is still a work in progress, and a constant cause of much debate between christian and i. he loves clean, modern, new, and minimal, and while i also appreciate modern and clean, i like a little pretty clutter all over the place and a few old pieces to add some character. i like to think that our style tension helps to edit our home - keep out the stuff we don't really love and really hold onto and cherish the things we adore. 

i thought i would share little bits of our home, some photos of rooms that inspire me, as well as ways to bring little updates into your home in a thrifty fashion - because let's get real here, i am still paying off student loans, and might not have the money in my budget for many of the lovely home goods that i drool over when browsing pinterest. i am a slightly experienced sewer and crafter, but by no means an expert, nor am i a designer at all... that being said: most of the stuff i am going to suggest or discuss could most likely be accomplished by anyone and made to suit your own personal style.

without further adieu - our living room:

a little window over the sofa with a hat stand, mate cups from chile, a vase from west elm i bought as soon as we bought a house, some thrifted figurines, and a photo of my mom with my three youngest sibiligs.

lamp that was faithful to me during my two apartments, and now has earned its keep in our home. 
i have a thing for bamboo and wood blinds, but they don't really give me as much privacy as i would like...

a vintage kilim rug i found for a steal on ebay. christian hates it, but i adore it.

white sofas! what were we thinking!?!? however, these microfiber babies have held up well so far, and fit in our tiny living-room without taking up too much space.

pretty simple, right? it is a crisp white room with a few framed pieces of art, and a ugly ceiling fan which i pretend isn't there (it really keeps the house so comfortable in the summer when i don't quite want to freeze with the air on). i see so many photos of creative girls ripping down their fans and replacing them with lovely industrial or shabby chic fixtures with huge ball lightbulbs, and one of these days... lordhelpme, one of these days i will forget how i kind of like the breeze these darn fans make... one of these days.

now, *sigh*, here are photographs of rooms that inspire me... *big.sigh*

image via living agency
image via smile and wave

image via the selby

all these rooms have clean white walls, mismatched furniture, and a somewhat kid friendly feel to them, especially the last one. so how do i use this inspiration in my own living room?

1 - more throw pillows - notice all the comfy and colorful pillows in the inspiration rooms? they add pops of color and some character without taking up much space, or needing much of a commitment. if you can sew a square - you can make a pillow. i have some old pillows in my attic that would work great for these. velvet is a pretty fabric to work with, but old sweaters, skirts (i have an awesome ralph lauren skirt that i recently undergrew that would make pretty tartan pillows like the ones in the first photo), and old blankets make for very pretty, and thrifty, throw pillows. want to make a pouf similar to the one seen in the second photo? (i am always longing after poufs in catalogs!) they easier to make than you would think, and there are many tutorials out there - here is a great one! grab some materials, a few old pillows, fabric scraps, and stuffing, and go to town.

2 - more photographs - and i would be more inclined to go the mix and match frames route, but christian would probably appreciate a frame of similar color or style. so, the retail route would be a little price-y, and the thrifted route would be more in our budget. i have seen frames for a quarter at many thrift stores, which is such a small fraction of the price you would pay in a retail store. spend the money on getting your family photos professionally printed, spray-paint your thrift store frames all the same color and go crazy making a wall that will make you and your family smile.

3 -  add some curtains! for privacy, dimension to those windows, and a pop of color. these teal ones from urban outfitters would bring out some of the blues in my room (in the rug, the vase in the window, the throw pillow on the sofa). but these could even be made at home with about 5-6 yards of material and a little bit of time.

4 - lighting - add a simple floor lamp (or two, like room # 1) next to the sofa to give better lighting... doesn't need to be expensive or fancy - a little floor lamp from ikea (like this one) will do the trick without breaking the bank.

5 - add a surface. surfaces are an ongoing debate between christian and i. the room is a bit of a high-traffic area - a coffee table can just about make the space into an obstacle course. but i love having somewhere to rest a mug or my laptop, or a little surface for chloe to play with her toys on - it makes the room more usable. these nesting tables are a bit of a splurge, but would add a little bit of a rustic-modern feel to the room, and be light and small enough to tuck against a wall when not being used.

i hope to blog more "dear little house" posts in the future - to share bits of my home that i love, some decor inspiration, and a little diy as well. have any favorite living room diys? and rooms that inspire you? i would love to check them out! please leave them in the comments people!

*please note, this is not a sponsored post.. and in fact, none of my posts are - the stuff i link to and write about are all my own little likes and fancies!


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