it is cold outside! and inside! i woke up early to finish some projects i am working on for rockwell handmade (shop update tomorrow!) and within an hour found my toes not only numb, but also slightly blue! i stole my husbands warmest socks and turned up the heat before getting chloe up. we have nothing planned for today other than sitting inside, drinking coffee and hot chocolate, reading some books, and maybe (most certainly) curling up together for a movie this afternoon.

chloe likes to read books. i keep her books in our bookshelf so she can pull them out as she likes. she also has a little bookshelf in her room next to her bed that i have learned to stock with board-books, as she often likes to "read" books to herself during nap time, but can get a little crazy with thin paper pages (and then nap-time looks like a confetti mess!) i love that she enjoys books and hope that she always does. i thought i would share with you some of chloe's favorite books. some of them have been favorites for a long time, and others are new favorites. we read to her a lot in the morning and before bed. it is also a great distraction and calming tactic when she is getting a bit wild. recently she has started reading to us, and that is just freakin' adorable.

chloe's most popular picks:
  • "Press Here" by Herve' Tullet
  • "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley
  • "Peek-a Who?" by Nina Laden
  • "Hippos Go Berserk!", "Barnyard Dance!", and Belly Button Book!", all by Sandra Boynton.
 what momma is reading:
  • "Parenting with Love and Logic" by Foster Cline and Jim Fay. (good book, but any recommendations for some fun reading? please!)
i would recommend anything written by Sandra Boynton - the woman is a child entertainment genius. and i would most certainly recommend having a toddler read to you.

 what are your, or your little one's favorite books? and seriously, any recommendations for some recreational reading for me?


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