so, monday was a little bit of a wash. i worked sunday night, came home to grab a couple hours of sleep, and then woke up with chloe, and we went about our day. after a few nights of doing the working-mom routine i like to do some cleaning and laundry to get myself back into the house-wife mode. once my house feels a little tidier, chloe has had her fill of books, playing, and maybe a movie, and nap-time has arrived, it is time for me to make some coffee, throw on something to watch and grab some laundry to fold or some fabric to cut. it is tempting to take a nap on that first day back home, especially when i have only slept for a few measly hours the night before (maybe from four in the morning to eight if i am able to fall asleep right away). however, if i keep myself awake i can get some work done, cry over "downton abbey", cry over the end of "beasts of the southern wild", and then wake up chloe and put something together for dinner.... or just grab chipotle, and then play with chloe and relax with the husband, and ultimately go to bed at a "normal" time (ie, before midnight). if i were to take a nap i would miss crying over downton abbey (so horribly sad this week - i sat there saying "no, no, no" the entire episode, although nobody was around to listen), and i would miss crying over "beasts of the southern wild" (more "no, no, no!"), and i would be well-rested enough to make dinner myself, and then well-rested enough to stay up until three in the morning and feel ridiculous today.

so... much better to do the laundry on monday.

i woke up this morning bright and early, and sat in bed and cuddled my husband, hoping i would fall back asleep, but when i could not and six a.m. was approaching i woke up, made some coffee and decided to enjoy this little bit of time before the rest of the house wakes up. enjoying this time entails doing a quick work-out video, painting my nails, and then getting out some fabric to cut while watching a little "american horror story" before chloe wakes up... and making a list of things to do once she does wake up.

things to do when chloe wakes up:

eat some oatmeal and bananas hit up the thrift shop

go to the produce store

stop somewhere and buy laundry detergent, dish washer detergent, hair dye, and marshmallows

what do you do when you are awake before the house wakes up?


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